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let Profile = {
Name: "Chen Hao",
Address: "Haidian, Beijing",
From: "Nantong, Jiangsu",
E-mail: "darkray@126.com"

BFSU Academic Affair Assistant

A client-server structured "mini program" providing easier access to the school's academic affair system.on Wechat (like WhatsApp).

With analysing the awkward web service, the project offers not only the existing information and functionalities by porting the interfaces to the mobile platform, but also new utility tools like GPA calculator, transcript exporter. Furthermore, it managed to optimize the problematic course selection procedure by bypassing the bottleneck of requesting course list.

After graduation, the server has been temporarily shut down. The client is still available by scanning the following QR code.

QR Code

Captcha Recognition Module

This is an add-on module of BFSU Academic Affair Assistant to provide efficient local captcha recognition service saving users from recognizing the tiny unreadable captcha on the school's website.

This module employed the convolutional neural network with dropout, implemented with Tensorflow in Python.

The preprocessing includes binarization and segmentation, implemented with the OTSU algorithm and the Drop-Water algorithm assisted by projection method respectively.


A decentralized social networking service capable of NAT traversal written in Go, still under developing.

It is designed to function like Twitter. It implements the Kademlia DHT algorithm for decentralization, and employs STUN and XMPP for decentralized NAT traversal.

More details could be found in the Github page by clicking the following link.


Chinese Poker Endgame Solver

May be the fastest solver by now.

Adversarial Search algorithm implemented with several optimization including pruning, multithreading, and resources reuse.